Taking play seriously: investing in Europe’s future

Taking play seriously: investing in Europe’s future

Despite the recognised benefits of children’s play, it is increasingly under threat – a worrying fact that the United Nations highlighted in early 2013.

With this in mind, MEP Anna Maria Corazza Bildt hosted an event in the European Parliament in Brussels on 28 May, ‘Taking play seriously: investing in Europe’s future’, to focus on the importance of play for children’s well-being, development and education.

The event was kick-started by Fredrik Härén, a leading expert and author on creativity, who presented his thoughts on how play and creativity benefit society. Two moderated panel discussions followed, bringing together experts from various sectors to examine what a deficit of play, recreation and creativity could mean for Europe’s future. The panellists also shared their views on what Europe can do to ensure that children have better and more opportunities to play.

‘Taking play seriously: investing in Europe’s future’ brought together stakeholders from the public, private and non-governmental sectors to enhance understanding of the importance of creativity and play.

This event was supported by Toy Industries of Europe (TIE), which fully supports all efforts to promote children’s rights and their healthy development.

Further information about this event, including videos and pictures, is available here.

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