Play 4 fun

Why play 4 fun?

One undeniable feature of play is fun. Play results in positive emotions, and these emotions promote long-term health and wellbeing benefits. The fun and enjoyment of play also improves quality of life for children and adults. From being a baby to becoming a teenager, play is the most fun and engaging way of making lasting and memorable interactions between parents and their children.

Examples of play 4 fun

  • Playful and fun ways of learning have been proven to be an effective pedagogical tool that develops children’s early learning.
  • Play also enables parents and children to have fun together and to enjoy each other’s company.
  • Playful learning also makes early education engaging for children, helping them to spark and maintain interests from a very young age.

What can we do to encourage play 4 fun?

Fun is the essential driver of play; it is why children enjoy playing and it enables children to enjoy the many benefits that play brings. Therefore, we need to make sure that:

  • Play is appropriate for children so they can get the most fun out of play, whilst also gaining the skills and development that it provides.
  • Ensure educational systems are innovative and incorporate fun play to increase engagement from children.