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Taking play seriously - Investing in Europe’s Future


Playgrounds: a safe answer to the mortal risk of physical inactivity

Challenging playgrounds are an evident answer to the physical inactivity of today’s children. They encourage self-chosen, voluntary physical activity. They are among the activities that children themselves mention as their favourite pastime. The WHO in their Global Guidelines for Physical Activity for Health mentions play first, when describing what activities count as physical activity for the 5-18 years old.

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22 November

Study finds play and cognitive skills in kindergarten predict civic engagement in later life

Cognitive skills and experiences like classroom-based play in kindergarten lead to participation in extracurricular activities in 8th grade among children growing up in poverty, finds a new study led by NYU’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.

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30 October



What Kind of Europe do Children Want?

Anna, Member of Eurochild Children’s Council

The Play Blog is normally a place for us to share expert views on the importance and impact of play in children’s lives. As regular readers know, the UN recognises every child’s right to play, but this is one right amongst many that contribute to children leading happy and fulfilled lives. Policy makers have an important role in protecting these rights by thinking about how their decisions will affect children. However, to help children fully exercise their rights it’s important that their voices are included in the decision making process itself, including when it comes to the provision of adequate time and space to play.

Recently, Eurochild and UNICEF have joined together to do just this. They have launched a public survey that asks what kind of Europe children want. We’ve invited Eurochild Children’s Council member, 15-year-old Anna from Greece, to let readers know why it is so important for children to make their voices heard about what the Europe they want looks like.

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25 July

Realising Article 31 … a shared responsibility

Robyn Monro Miller, President of the International Play Association

2018 marks the 5th anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations General Comment 17 on the right of the child to play. Today is World Play Day: it’s time to reflect on just how far we have gone in those five years.

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28 May


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