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Taking play seriously - Investing in Europe’s Future

For children, play is a fundamental need just like eating, sleeping or drinking. It is an essential part of growing up and enables children to develop skills for life. Yet despite its recognised benefits, play is increasingly under threat. We need to ensure that children have better and more opportunities to play.

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Research has found a relationship between pretend play and a child’s developing creativity

Research has found a relationship between pretend play and a child’s social competence with peers. The studies that connect pretend play to all of those positive outcomes are correlational. In other words, a socially astute, competent child might be more interested in pretend play, rather than pretend play making a child more socially astute.

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4 July

Free play improves students’ attention according to a study

Kids learn through movement. A study from the University of Virginia found that, compared to 1998, children today are spending far less time on self-directed learning—moving freely and doing activities that they themselves chose—and measurably more time in a passive learning environment. However, research has shown time and again that children need opportunities to move in class.

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27 June



Plearning: enjoying learning for better outcomes

Eszter Salamon, President of the European Parents’ Association

Parents always want the best for their children and also they are solely responsible for bringing them up, so a question that often comes is: how can they best educate their children? Plearning, playful learning, is surely one of the most important concepts we need to introduce to find the answer.

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21 June

Family Play Day: the best way to celebrate the International Day of Families

Kathy Wong, Executive Director of Playright Children’s Play Association

As the temperature reached 31°c in Hong Kong last month, I had the pleasure of taking part in a Family Play Day, put together by my colleagues to celebrate the International Day of Families. My own enjoyment wasn’t comparable to the excitement of the parents, who observed how much their children were absorbed in play. The children were all busy, actively engaging or focusing seriously; each creating their own places and own purposes for play. It was great not only to watch children playing, but also to hear the feedback from the parents.

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31 May


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